XFDL files are Extensible forms description language files.


Normally you would install PureEdge forms viewer on a M$ Windows machine but if you own a Mac it is a bit less supported.

I downloaded an Intel Mac version of PureEdge viewer but when I tried to install it but I got this error: 


Apparently the package installer is looking to see if you have OS 10.4 or the install will fail. You can get around this though.

--> Click here to download a pre-modified installation package and skip all the steps below <--


  • I have only tested these instructions on an Intel based MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard (10.6.4) If your version is different and you get an error during install, click here to let me know
  • Only the first page of the form is editable as the nav buttons inside the form do not function
  • To save or print the form you must use the small buttons at the very top of the form (not the blue ones){mosimage}
  • Below are the steps I took to modfiy the installer if you prefer to do it yourself

 1. Download the original installation package here

 2. Mount the dmg file

 3. !!! Copy or drag the MacViewer.pkg file from the mounted image folder to your desktop or to your /tmp directory !!!

(!!!!  This is an important step as you will not be able to SAVE the file while open in disk img that is mounted !!!!)


 4. Option click or Right-click the package and select Show Package Contents

 5. In the window that opens, drill down: Contents -> Resources and option or right-click  InstallationCheck -> select open with -> other  


 6. In the search box, type textedit and click the open button


(i used xcode but really you can use any text editor; textedit comes with Mac's by default.)

 7. {mosimage}

     Find both instances "10.4" as in above code and delete .4 so that you are left with "10".

  If you can't find it, hold command and press F,type in 10.4 in the find box and 10 in the replace with box and click replace all button (this should trick the installer into thinking you have OS 10.4 installed no matter what version of OS X you have installed.)

 9. Save the file, command + S, close your window and double click the MacViewer.pkg file and the installation should run without any problems.  You won't be able to save the file if you are editing the MacViewer.pkg file that is in the dmg file. Refer to step 3.

10. It will prompt you to reboot. Once your computer boots back up, hold command and press space and type in IBM Workplace Forms Viewer.app and press <return>. The app installs to your home directory i.e “/Users/yourusernamehere/IBM Workplace Forms/ IBM Workplace Forms Viewer.app".  You can try browsing to it with Finder.  

If you are still having finding it, click here for better details on how to open and use the viewer.


 If you are stuck, click here to Ask the Geek , and I will email you back with a solution.  Please include the version of Mac you are using, OS version, and error message you are receiving.