How Do I Open XFDL On A Mac?

XFDL files are Extensible forms description language files.

Where do I find a working Pure Edge viewer for mac OS X? Finally there is a Solution that works.  (Scroll down for a working solution download.)

Normally you would install PureEdge forms viewer on a Microsoft Windows machine but if you own a Mac, it is a not officially supported directly on OS X.

I downloaded an Intel Mac version of PureEdge viewer from but when I tried to install it but I got this error: 

Pure Edge Viewer Error

I put together a work around to get the installation to work but there were functional problems with form navagation and printing.  Thomas Kearney from AEONCONCEPTS.COM put together a good emulator package that allows you to run a more updated version of PURE Edge 6.5 Viewer on your Intel 
based mac.  It uses the opensource WineSkin project. 



 Download PureEdge for Mac: Works with all Intel Macs with OS-X 10.5 to 10.7